Namaste Corona

A film by Anna Baranowski & Michael Moritz
Documentary in post-production / co-production with Conkertree Film
2020 / NPL / DEU / supported by the Arts Council of the Free State of Thuringia 
trailer and broadcast date will be announced
Who would have thought that just one year after the start of a long journey of two nature lovers this world would turn upside down and a virus would rule the global life. Plans have been forged for a long time, visas for India and Pakistan are already in their pockets, but instead of slowly traveling back home, Anna and Michael suddenly find themselves stranded at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. They're trapped in a small mountain village in the highest mountains in the world.
During the following months of a strict curfew, it’s only permitted to buy food, so on the way they explore the microcosm that surrounds them. By gaining insights into how the pandemic is affecting the lives of simple families, the travellers suddenly get close to people and their individual fates. The lockdown enables them to document the daily exchange between fears and optimism. In addition to the deep insights into the life of their Nepalese neighbours, the inner process of the German film-makers is shown as well: From insecure, stranded in a foreign country, to students of a nature-loving, acceptance-practicing philosophy of life. The film takes you on Anna & Michael’s journey where foreign souls meet. The lost feeling of security, which their own friends and family reported to them at the same time from Germany, is not sought by the mountain people in Nepal with their completely ailing health system. Regardless of which deadly crisis this country has faced in the past, there remains a deep trust in the flow of life. They also humbly see the corona virus as an integral part of nature.
A film that shows how the simple way to the market can change the lives of two travellers.
The 90-minute documentary is currently in post-production and is expected to be broadcast in summer 2021. Information on the broadcast date will follow soon.